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Jason B, Student
University of Wisconsin '26

Corey was so helpful throughout the process. Even after the decisions came in, she was there to help me sort through the details and guide me to the perfect choice for me. I couldn't have done it without her.

Shari W, Parent
The Ohio State University '26
University of Georgia '27

Corey helped both of my children through the college process, from choosing schools for us to visit, to the essays, applications, and making our final decisions. She is informative and patient, taking her time to explain things to us and walk us through each step. Her guidance was invaluable and if I had a third child I would call on her again!

Elizabeth V, Grad Student
Hoftsra University '22
Fashion Institute of Technology '18

Corey's insight into education is invaluable. She has guided me throughout my undergraduate and graduate admissions processes, providing assistance and ultimately helping me to achieve my goals. Corey is an incredibly knowledgeable mentor and I will continue to trust her guidance.

Writing on Computer

Alissa S, Parent
University of Michigan '19
University of Wisconsin '25

We are so thrilled here!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your help. You are awesome!
You did such an amazing job by me. Two for two going to their dream schools!! You really put your whole heart into helping them

Adina F, Student
Queens College  '24

I wish I could have said this in person and give you a HUGE HUG! Emailing will have to do:(
Thank you so so much. You don’t  even know how thankful I am to have had you guide me through this whole college process. Every school needs a woman like you!! You are incredible. You were there for me and helped me and I just don’t know what I would have done without you!!!!
I’m so glad I met you 
I’m gonna miss you so much
Have an amazing summer 

Nicole A, Parent
University of Maryland  '25

Corey was the third counselor we met regarding professional guidance for my son's college selection. This is my first child going to college and the whole process was very new and unfamiliar to us. As soon as we met we realized the right one had been found.

She fully understood what we could not explain and in a tolerant, empathetic and professional way made this journey personal and successful. The results did not wait to arrive and out of nine colleges we applied for, my son was accepted to eight! All the schools were carefully and thoughtfully selected first with a perfect match for my son. We owe her a huge thanks for making our dreams come true. All words of thanks will not reflect the great appreciation we have for her. 

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